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You probably thought that this was completely opposite to the way you wanted to handle it, right?The male ego says: "Keep going until she stops you!

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John helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and professional relationships. John Gray on Relationship Dynamics, Gender Roles, Red Flags, Dating, and “Love”. Maybe there's a pause in the conversation where you should ask for her number... Or you call her up to ask her out, but she seems distracted... Or she seems ready for the kiss, and the moment is right... I'll tell you this: I've personally experienced all 5 of those situations above at one point or another.And no, it's not your fault you have trouble getting sexual with women.lmost none of the guys out there know about this, and it's why most guys wind up settling for women instead of having a "trophy" on their arm.I'm willing to bet that you've experienced the "Flinch." What is the "Flinch"?

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