Dating clothing using rn number

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’80s (or possibly early ’90s) is my best guess for the look of this label.I did find another extremely similar sweater from Sportempos that had sold on e Bay once upon a time and that seller identified the item as ’80s as well. I wear a lot of hourglass shapes, but then again, I’m pretty much a textbook hourglass naturally.One thing to watch out for, however: 1980s throwbacks.

It’s based on my experience as a seller and collector of vintage clothing.

These became prevalent in the late 1930s and were used until the mid-’60s or so, when the nylon zipper came to be.

Typically, the zipper will be center back of the dress, but not always.

It features her labels from the 1940s through the 1960s.

As God is my witness, some day I will find a Ceil Chapman dress that fits me!

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