Consolidating property

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It’s our genuine ongoing commitment to providing quality cleaning services that makes Consolidated Property Services different.In a constantly changing industry we are continually developing new approaches and operational strategies to align with your specific and evolving needs.CCM concentrates our management portfolio specifically on condominiums and homeowner associations throughout Broward and Southern Palm Beach Counties.I have worked with The staff and company for 5 years and they are extremely professional efficient and easy to work with even under the most difficult circumstances.We have promptly received work requests from the management company called in by buildings which gives us the ability to address concerns on a timely basis.We have been onsite the last several days and he has been right there asking questions and sharing information as he watched the crews working.

Normal Operating Hours should resume Tue, Sep 03, 2019.

He focuses on smart growth and a strong financial profile that contribute to sustaining Columbus as the second largest city in Georgia, because we do amazing things.

Columbus ranked 75th in the nation for livability, because of its size, the diversity of its population, the relative youth of its population, and its proximity to Atlanta.

Consolidated Community Management is a full service property management company.

CCM provides a quality of service that is unique to our industry and consistently delivers a distinct competitive advantage.

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