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Collin Klein is the starting quarterback for the Kansas State Wildcats.

Collin and his wife Shalin are devout Christians, and took the hardest-possible route to waiting-till-marriage: They didn’t date formally until they were engaged, and didn’t kiss until they were at the altar.

Nick Vujicic hasn’t let a little thing like having no arms and no legs stop him from achieving his dreams.

His life story has inspired millions of young people all over the world.

Eighteen years ago she promised herself that she would not date again until her son turned 18, and would not have sex again until she was married.

Most of his sketches are sexually explicit in the extreme (language-wise), which is extra funny considering that he’s actually virgin who’s waiting till marriage (I love waiters who challenge the stereotypes).

If there was an official figurehead of the Christian purity movement, it would probably be Lakita Garth.

Megan Alexander is the host of Inside Edition who recently “came out” as a waiter-till-marriage by producing a special segment of Inside Edition on herself, her decision to wait, and her husband. “I am hoping to break the stereotype that just because you are waiting until marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a passionate relationship that’s not sexy.

You can still have that type of relationship and still wait for the right person.” In the 3rd grade, she started as the worst dancer in the class, and the slowest learner.

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