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Put them in a gorgeous technicolor musical comedy, add some veteran adults and you have one of the best of it's time. Her best friend is the now-sophisticated Elizabeth Taylor, all of 15 years old, looking absolutely lovely that you know she's headed for glamorous grownup roles down the road. Then there's Scotty Beckett, having started his career at the age of four, now in the awkward teens, doing one of his best performances as Judy's date. Scatter many film veterans to the likes of Wallace Berry and Selena Royale as Judy's parents, Robert Stack, young and handsome as Elizabeth's love interest, Leon Ames as Elizabeth and Scotty's dad, Clinton Sundberg as the butler to Ames, Xavier Cugat and his band with Carmen Miranda his star attraction, and one of her last films, and George Cleveland as Judy's Grandpa. And this is the guy who later played all those "Lassie" TV programs. All in all a charming and lighthearted film with the beauty of Taylor, the voice of Powell and the comedy of Beckett.

Events leading up to, at, and following the senior class ...

Based on the radio program of the same title that aired on the NBC network from 1941 to 1949 and then on the ABC network from 1949 to 1950.

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