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Their laughter keeps the room alive and feeling warm and interactive—exactly what you expect your fun ice breaker to do.Consider these sample questions for your meetings and possibly even use some of the ideas to develop your own ice breakers.This is a great follow-up question to the last one. This is a fun thought exercise that can yield hilarious answers. There’s nothing like home cookin’ — for better or worse. but if you’re looking for something specific, you can click the links below to jump to that section: These are the must-ask newlywed game questions. If you spend enough time with someone, you’re going to notice their “quirks.”Bonus points if they perform it for the audience. You can always ask an audience member to lend a pair if necessary. While you should always cater some of the game’s questions specifically to the bride and groom, these are the questions that work for all couples. This is a nice heartwarming question to break up the humor. These questions for couples are a blast because they create moments that are sure to be cherished by the lucky couple as well as the guests. As you can imagine, the answers can lead to some hilarious, good-natured arguments and priceless moments. They run the gamut from basic quirks to intimate details about the couple’s love life, and the answers can be touching or downright hilarious. These questions will get you started, but you can also have the audience write down their own questions, or you can just pass the mic around. And the hungriest award goes to…And was it at first sight?

For example, if the first statement is, “Never have I ever gave myself a bad haircut,” anyone who has given themselves a bad haircut would take a drink.

The host (or guests) asks shoe game questions about the bride or the groom, and the couple tries to guess who they’re talking about, holding up the other person’s shoe or their own to represent the answer.

Here’s how it works: The bride and groom both remove a shoe and trade them.

You can't go wrong with ice breaker fun questions.

You can trust that when you use questions like these, your participants will generate the fun.

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