Backdating housing benefit pensioners dating zveze

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You can only ask for a backdate of benefits if there is a good reason why you were unable to apply for your benefit earlier.A claim can only be backdated for a maximum of 1 month for working age claimants from the date of your claim.Does this mean one month plus 3 months or one month plus 2? Yes looks like it can be 3 months when receiving a passported benefit which is good news.For the pensioner, I would say 3 months max back to the day they reached PC age.

Normally we will start your claim from the Monday after we receive your letter.If you wish to make a claim in person, hand in forms or documents for your claim or seek advice about it, you can visit one of our one stop shops in Kingswood, Thornbury, Yate and Patchway. Have got myself a bit confused regarding the new rules as of April where HB can only be backdated for one month.We can only backdate your benefit if you: • demonstrate ‘good cause’ for not making a claim for benefit earlier and • your good cause lasted throughout the period until your written request for backdating was actually made What is ‘good cause’?A Social Security Commissioner has defined good cause as: Some fact which having regard to all the circumstances (including the claimant’s state of health and the information which he had received and that which he might have obtained) would probably have caused a reasonable person of his age and experience to act (or fail to act) as the claimant did.

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