Average time spent dating before engaged

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Forget romantic dinners - couples in the UK spend the greatest proportion of their time together watching television, a survey revealed today.

Men and women spent 60% of their time viewing TV without their other half, while two-thirds of meals were not eaten with a partner.It's not entirely clear whether this applies properly to humans, as we have very different social arrangements to macaques, but there may be certain primate elements in male bonding that mean time away from a female partner is necessary for a bit.Women's friendships outside of their relationship, meanwhile, in particular with other women, seem to be important to stress levels as well, but in a different way.And it gets into another dimension if you live together; does coming home to the same bed every night mean you should book more time away from one another in the daytime?What's psychologically healthy, and serves both your love for intimacy and your personal requirement for autonomy?

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