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If a student wishes to enter any open competition as a representative of their college, the competition must be listed on the published schedule of the college and the student must meet all NJCAA eligibility requirements.

If a student is not representing a NJCAA college, they may enter open or "exhibition" competition without NJCAA approval.

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Division II colleges are limited to awarding tuition, fees, course related books, and up to 0 in course required supplies.

The NJCAA's mission is to promote and foster two-year college athletics.

Unlawful discrimination is incompatible with this mission and detracts from the organizations goal of promoting health and fair competition.

The student may not, however, sign a NJCAA Letter of Intent with two NJCAA colleges.

If a student does sign with two NJCAA colleges, that student will become immediately ineligible to compete in NJCAA competition for the next academic year in any sport.

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