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It is to showcase the way that the rural poor lived about half a century ago: in other words, his boyhood life. Carmel, where you turn off the main east coast road.

"The Way We Were." The tiny but brightly painted shed is crammed to bursting with exhibits. It starts as an assortment of curios, and adds up to a lingering glimpse at a way of life, a culture that had a use for everything, however often it has been used before. River Antoine Royal Rum Distillery is the oldest working water-propelled distillery in both Grenada and the wider Caribbean.

Not wanting to be caught out in the same way, the French constructed Fort Frederick with its cannons facing inland, rather than out to sea, earning it the nickname "Backwards facing fort." This, Mr.

Rome will tell you, is not a museum about great civilisations, or historic migrations.

Since 1785, they have been making strong rum using local, organically grown ingredients such as sugar cane.

Using the same methods as back in the 1800s, they power the distillery using energy harnessed from the nearby river or by hand.

Take a tour and explore the grounds of the estate and the chocolate making processes used here.

Just an hour’s scenic drive from St George’s, Belmont Estate offers travellers an exceptional experience, greatly enhancing their holiday whilst maintaining and protecting our natural environment.Nothing goes to waste in this factory and it is an experience not to miss for rum connoisseurs.Guided tours are available and you get to try the eye-watering Rivers Rum at the end.Check out our blog for the latest things to see and do in Grenada.Fort George was built from 1706 - 1710, on an early battery erected by the French in the 1600s, and originally named Fort Royal, it was renamed Fort George in 1763, in honour of King George III when the British took possession of the island.

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