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I miss these "Dorks" and hope to see them again on stage soon........"Don't you like Solbi? Andy and Solbi play a newlywed couple in MBC's We Got Married, and more and more viewers are starting to hope that they will become an item in real life too.Friends of Andy are all saying that they want to "matchmake" the two of them.DJ Choi Hwa Jung meets Andy at a cafe in Gangnam on a sunny May afternoon for a chat."If Solbi possesses the qualities that I'm looking for in a girl, then I'll date here."CHJ: Let's talk a little more about this. Andy: No particular special feelings CHJ: You two look compatible.... She has an enthusiastic side but she has her quiet side too. Andy: I was quite nervous during our first filming session. CHJ: Even if that's the case, you'd eventually have some feelings for each other given that you keep seeing each other. And she must be able to take care of the people around her. The usually shy and reticent Andy opened up to Choi Hwa Jung and shared his innermost thoughts.Solbi wears her heart on her sleeve, and I was thinking of how I should act in order not to hurt her in any way. I can't say definitely what's the type I'm looking for."I can't have a girl paying."CHJ: The Shinhwa members haven't really had any scandals before. CHJ: Did you believe that Shinhwa would make it big? I was very young when we made our debut, not even old enough to drink yet. P and our 2nd jib did very well in the end."I was very troubled over the nasty comments about my solo activities."CHJ: Who's the most handsome out of the Shinhwa members? Even Andy's manager said, "It's the first time I've seen him say this much."After meeting Andy...

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But as I got to know her better I realised that she's quite a smart person. Although you can say that's a good thing, but isn't it a little boring? Although I attend birthday parties or gatherings, but I don't really talk to girls or sing in front of the guests. T did very well right from their debut, weren't you envious? After our 1st jib, our manager talked to us over drinks, and discussed our future plans if our 2nd jib didn't succeed. Do you feel like you've learned a lot from your hyungs? Eric hyung's charisma; Minwoo hyung's charisma and showmanship on stage; Dongwan hyung always has interesting things to say; Hyesung hyung has a great voice. Hahaha CHJ: Which member do you get along the best with? We've knew each other since we were studying in the US, it's been 16 years. CHJ: Did your first solo album meet your own definition of success? (laughs)CHJ: No I didn't, they don't come this natural. There tends to be a lot of prejudices towards celebrities, especially idol celebrities.

Although I'd like to start conversations with the girls, I just can't do it. Of course they have their flaws too, so I wouldn't pick those up from them (laughs) Jin hyung is very talented and witty. Andy: Initially there wasn't much of a response, and I got quite worried. When I finally got to meet you I was very surprised that you look so young. In actual fact there are some celebrities with some issues with their characters, but there are many honest and innocent ones too. He doesn't have a hidden private life, and he remains innocent and kind.

There was one day we were at this branded boutique and I thought the item cost about 100,000won so I wanted to get it for her, but then I realised it was much more than that. But I was the only one who didn't get recognized, in fact I was even mistaken for the club manager.

I got a shock and I had to borrow a charge card from our manager, and the company card at that. In the end I just sat there and finished the drinks by myself."A normal, shy student."CHJ: How did you get discovered for Shinhwa?

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