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A current released data published in local newspaper showed that in one year 8,000 graduated students in cambodia are unemployed. Like most people, Sam, one of my friends told me that he doesn't want to be the person in the picture nor receive any support from anyone.

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Robot VR experience opened my eyes to a new world of cinematic possibilities for virtual reality filmmaking.The final 30 minutes are pretty damned flawless; some of the best space battles ever put in a sci-fi movie.And that scene where you-know-who does you-know-what was a heart-pounding thrill.Up until this year, I think I’d be on record as pretty much hating the musical genre.I could never get past the whole “breaking into song” transition. In a year filled with a pervasive sense of dread, this tale of starry-eyed lovers pursuing their passions is welcome invitation into a world of dreams. I’m an unapologetic Star Wars fan and this was one of the best movies in the history of the series.

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