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From the start this seemed to be a steep hill to climb, and sure enough shortly thereafter the date was postponed to March 3.

However, at the end of February a new schedule was announced: the move will start on April 5 2019 at and should be completed by midnight on April 7.

During the transition, the new Istanbul Airport will use the IATA code of ISL.

Once the move has been completed, the IATA code IST will be transferred to the new airport.

Its location was a matter of dispute as about 1 million trees had to be cut.Airport pick-ups are available ONLY for these dates (unless you are part of an exchange program): Rides requested for any dates outside the timeframes specified above are subject to a charge.Airport pick-up services are available prior to the mandatory orientation scheduled by UHV. The start date listed on your immigration document is the mandatory orientation date, and you must make arrangements to arrive to UHV before this date listed.This means Atatürk Airport is still the primary airport of Istanbul … On 18th December 2018 authorities agreed that an overnight relocation process could cause disruptions.So, as of 1 January 2019 flights and ground services will gradually move from Atatürk Airport, used by nearly 70 million passengers per year, to Istanbul Airport without compromising passenger comfort.

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