Acomodating information security in our business

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In the eight-month period during which she has been waiting for a new liver, she has been substantially limited in her ability to care for herself. The ADA protects people with serious, long-term conditions.It does not protect people with minor, short-term conditions.Examples of impairments include hearing loss, limited eyesight, loss of a limb, or an illness from a pathogen transmissible through food, as listed in the FDA Food Code at section 2-201.11.In order for an impairment to be serious enough to be an ADA disability, the impairment must substantially limit a major life activity.

This Guide explains these ADA employment rules for the food service industry.

The ADA is important to food service employers and employees.

Food service employers must avoid discriminating against people with disabilities while obeying strict public health rules. To find the EEOC office near you, check the EEOC web site at The employment provisions of the ADA apply to businesses that have 15 or more employees on the payroll. If you have several sites that are all owned, operated, and managed by your business, then you must count all the employees at these sites.

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