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He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1909 for his work on catalysis, chemical equilibrium, and reaction velocities.pic.twitter.com/rk2n7C8Xsj We have been working hard this summer to provide new and updated online materials.pic.twitter.com/CFr1Pr L4vq Now when someone uses the word theory, you can launch into an exciting, spontaneous science lesson!(and maybe not be invited to any more parties..that we're bitter) #scicomm #sciart #science pic.twitter.com/j V5Ddimy42 #On This Day In Science 1979 Comet Howard-Koomen-Michels was the first recorded comet to collide with Sun.It was designed to photograph smooth areas of the lunar surface for the Surveyor and Apollo missions.pic.twitter.com/l D2h LZMM71 Element 61 in our #IYPT2019 series with @roysocchem is promethium – only found in minuscule quantities on Earth, but used to make atomic batteries: compoundchem.com/2019/08/21/iyp…We're delighted to introduce new course materials for National 5 STEM subjects.

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#teamscience pic.twitter.com/Vx Xjn Vo K8e #On This Day In Science 1986 Over 1,700 people died when a huge carbon dioxide cloud erupted from Lake Nyos, a volcanic lake in Cameroon.

The cloud traveled as far as 25km from the lake and was moving fast enough to flatten vegetation, including trees.

pic.twitter.com/Cp5WLNPOv6 With the rise in technology, information is readily available to us all.

Thimerosal, containing an ethylmercury reduced bacterial contamination.

pic.twitter.com/5UCF3Ci Lj Q We have a great opportunity for pupils to attend an Anatomy Workshop on Saturday 14th September in Aberdeen.

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    Surgeries and health centres have an estimated 80,000 to 159,000, while there are believed to be between 53,000 and 159,000 cameras in restaurants, the report said.