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His father was the one who always told Aaron not to make rash decisions growing up, and now he's seemingly made one himself.What's more, Heather was the mother of two kids that Aaron had gone to high school with and knew somewhat.Re’eh Anochi notein lifneichem hayom bracha u’klala…Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse….The choice is on September 11 and 18 for pre-and-post election analysis at pm in the Beit Hat'fila.I never planned to write any self-help books, but those who have this trait seem to gain a great deal from knowing about it. If you find you are highly sensitive, or your child is, I’d like you to know the following: You are definitely not alone.For example, tens of thousands of people have subscribed to the newsletter, Comfort Zone, offered here.

Like in the US, there are three main branches of government: a Judicial branch and supreme court; an the Executive branch…a Prime Minister and largely ceremonnial President; and the Legislative branch known as the Knesset.

Our commentators say yes – as it is written in Pirke Avot : ‘everything is foreseen, and freewill is given.’ Maimonides explains by teaching that ‘although God knows all human actions, no one is compelled..do any particular action amongst all actions; rather, each person decides what they will do.’ In other words, it is possible for God to both know the future and to allow it to unfold based on how we choose. The responsibility of choosing well is highlighted this Shabbat as we begin the month of Elul.

This is the month leading up to the High Holidays, traditionally the time when we reflect on the past year.

There are 120 seats in the Knesset, all up for grabs at the same time.

Instead of voting for a person, Israelis vote for a party that shares their ideals and values.

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